MEKUS MEKUS MEANING: Content Creator Reveals Catchy Phrase’s Origin

Content Creator Reveals Mekus Mekus Meaning

MEKUS MEKUS MEANING – A content creator revealed the origin of the popular catchy phrase circulating online.

Over the past few weeks, the phrase “Mekus Mekus” becomes one of the most popular expressions in the Philippines. The viral phrase earns instant popularity on the social media platform “TikTok”.

The playful expression has become synonymous with the amusing Indian content creator known as Mr. Nobodydudy whose real name is Navhot Singh. He found his niche in the Philippines by offering hilarious reactions to the preparation of Indian street foods.


Singh not only brought laughter to his audience but also introduced them to his signature catchphrases, “Mekus Mekus” and “Insan.” The Indian vlogger’s followers have already heard this playful expression countless times.

The phrase quickly circulated on social media, prompting many internet users to imitate it. However, many people could not understand what it means.

The content creator revealed that “Mekus Mekus” is a playful rendition of the words “Mix Mix.” He humorously attributes the pronunciation to his Indian accent and jokingly chides his followers for not realizing its meaning earlier.

The Indian vlogger revealed that he has been receiving death threats from some Indians living in the Philippines making him feel unsafe and reluctant to leave his home.

Hindi na nga ako makalabas ng bahay para na akong arestado dito sa amin. Wala na yan, that’s life. Mekus mekus lang tayo, tuloy tuloy lang,” he shared.

Despite facing challenges, Singh remains committed to creating content and connecting with his supporters. He has found comfort in the unwavering support of his Filipino followers.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the meaning of the viral expression:

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