PH In Dire Straits Not Only Due To Fake News Peddlers but also Believers

Many People Undeniably Often Believe What Circulates Online Even without Verification

Aside from the peddlers of fake news in the Philippines, there is another group that contributes to the problem on public misinformation — the believers.

Fake news are rampant nowadays. I believe it became a tool for some sort of marketing of a person or a product or a way of destroying the other person or product for another’s benefit. They usually come in the form of inappropriately cut statements or, worst, a person has never said anything at all.

Fake News
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However, what seems even more disappointing is that fake news reached the point of normalcy that only a few people fight against them. They spread as fast as a blazing fire.

Truth be told that in a lot of cases, there is even a greater number of people contributing to the spread of a fake news rather than those who verified and made an effort to clarify it. Many people love to hit that “share” button without checking the FACTS.

The problem in the Philippines about information now is not only because of the fake news peddlers in the country. Unveil the truth that there is often a huge number of believers of this fake news. While we can also brand the believers as victims of misinformation, technology has come a long way for us not to be able to check the veracity of the matter.

While sharing something that is not true may not cause a person an immediate effect, at least 10 people may be seeing and believing what has been shared in less than an hour. The population of believers is like a balloon being continually inflated until it pops.

Thus, the next time we hit that “share” button most especially when it comes to news about politics and serious national concerns, it is best to research first. Is it true? Is it fair between the parties involved? Will it enlighten another person with nothing but truth over the matter?

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