Kathryn Bernardo & Others Prank Jake Ejercito; Here’s What Happened

“A Very Good Girl’s” only good boy got pranked by Kathryn Bernardo and other actors.

Actors Dolly De Leon, Chie Filomeno, and Kathryn Bernardo pranked Jake Ejercito in this video and this is how it went.

A Very Good Girl‘ is the new film starring Kathryn Bernardo and her first film with award-winning actress Dolly De Leon. It had its premiere night on Tuesday and is now showing in over 250 Philippine theaters. 

The film earned over Php 10 million on its first day with over 32,000 tickets sold according to the Star Cinema.

It will be shown in US cinemas starting October 6 and will have a premiere at the Silver Screen at the Pacific Design Theater in West Hollywood on October 4. The movie will also be shown in other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Guam, Saipan, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Nigeria.

Recently, as part of promoting the film and at the same, making fun of Jake Ejercito who is a good boy in real life, Kathryn and Dolly along with Chie Filomino chose him to be the prank’s victim. The idea was not theirs but upon hearing it, they got excited to do it.

Such easiness between the cast and considering that they can comfortably pull off pranks on each other is an indication that they are really close and have built friendship beyond the camera.

Jake Ejercito

The has been established for a day and the tension was built during that time between Kathryn and Dolly. They have created instances that tell they are not on speaking terms which has gone on for four days. The length of time is reasonable enough for Jake not to identify the hints or be doubtful about them stirring something up.

To prove that their acts are convincing, Alora, a close friend of both Kath and Jake, tells the former about the latter’s thoughts regarding her and Dolly. He was worried and bothered even up until the day of the prank.

As for the three girls, they are confident that Jake is not someone who will feel bad about it. He is accordingly not someone who easily gets annoyed. They attest to him being a good boy in real life.

Jake Ejercito

Here are some comments from the video:

Grabe dedication nila Kath and Miss Dolly sa prank na to! Ilang days in the making.

Oh my gosh Jake victim ka na naman… ang galing ni kath magmaldita o!!!!di ka na natuto jake hahaha

grabey effort nila kath imagine 4 days na silang di masyadong nagpapansinan ni ms. D. hahahahahahahaha

Congratulations to the whole team AVGG! Ka cutee sa reaction ni Jakeeee

I love this type of vlog KATH! Fun lang, spontaneous and kitang kita na you are also enjoying it. Morrreee!!!!

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