Banks Philippines — Full List of Banking Companies & their Offers

Guide on Banks in the Philippines & their Major Offers Based on Type

BANKS PHILIPPINES – Here is a full list of the banking companies that operate in the country and their major offers.

There are several banks in the country. However, what many people do not know is that these banks do not belong in the same category and they don’t serve similar primary functions. It is important to know their type in determining which bank can attend to your needs best.

Banks Philippines
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Three (3) types of banks that can be found in the Philippines include the Rural Bank, Commercial Bank, and the Savings Bank. There are over 100 banks in the country and they are divided among these types.

Below, you can check the main offers or goals of each type of bank. You may also check the list of banks that belong under each category.

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Rural Banks. There are banks that were built for the purpose of providing banking services to individuals who are living in rural areas. Undeniably, most banks are in highly-urbanized cities and it requires effort and money for people in the rural areas to avail the services of these banks. In PH, here are the rural banks that remain in operation:

  1. Agribusiness Rural Bank, Inc.
  2. Aliaga Farmers Rural Bank, Inc.
  3. ARDCIBank, Inc. – A Rural Bank
  4. ASPAC Rural Bank, Inc.
  5. AuroraBank, a microfinance-oriented rural bank
  6. Balanga Rural Bank, Inc.
  7. Banco Dipolog
  8. Banco Laguna, Inc.
  9. Banco Mabuhay
  10. Banco Mexico, Inc.
  11. Bankways, Inc.
  12. BDO Network Bank
  13. BHF Rural Bank, Inc.
  14. BOF, Inc.
  15. Camalig Bank, Inc.
  16. Cantilan Bank, Inc.
  17. CARD Bank, Inc.
  18. Cavite United Rural Bank Corporation
  19. Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank, Inc.
  20. Common Wealth Rural Bank, Inc.
  21. Community Rural Bank of Catmon (Cebu) Inc.
  22. Community Rural Bank of Dapitan City, Inc.
  23. Community Rural Bank of San Felipe (Zambales) Inc.
  24. Cooperative Bank of Bohol
  25. Cooperative Bank of Cotabato
  26. Cooperative Bank of Nueva Vizcaya
  27. Cooperative Bank of Quezon Province
  28. Consolidated Cooperative Bank
  29. Country Builders Bank, Inc.
  30. D’ Asian Hills Bank, Inc.
  31. Dumaguete Rural Bank, Inc. (DRBI)
  32. EastWest Rural Bank, Inc.
  33. Entrepreneur Rural Bank, Inc.
  34. First Agro-Industrial Rural Bank, Inc. / FAIRBANK Inc.
  35. First Isabela Cooperative Bank (FICO Bank)
  36. First Tagum Rural Bank, Inc.
  37. GM Bank of Luzon, Inc.
  38. Guagua Rural Bank, Inc.
  39. Highland Rural Bank, Inc.
  40. Ilocos Consolidated Cooperative Bank
  41. Imus Rural Bank, Inc.
  42. Innovative Bank, Inc.
  43. Insular Savers Bank, Inc.
  44. Katipunan Bank, Inc.
  45. Laguna Prestige Banking Corporation
  46. Liberty Bank
  47. LifeBank
  48. Mactan Rural Bank Inc.
  49. Malarayat Rural Bank, Inc.
  50. Mallig Plains Rural Bank (ISA) Inc.
  51. Marayo Bank, Inc.
  52. Metro South Cooperative Bank
  53. Mount Makiling Rural Bank, Inc.
  54. MVSM Bank Inc.
  55. Network Consolidated Cooperative Bank
  56. New Rural Bank of San Leonardo (N.E.) Inc.
  57. Opportunity Kauswagan Inc.
  58. People’s Rural Bank Inc.
  59. PlanBank
  60. Quezon Capital Rural Bank, Inc.
  61. Rang-ay Bank, Inc.
  62. RBG Imperial Bank, Inc.
  63. RBT Bank, Inc.
  64. Rizal Bank
  65. Rural Bank of Angeles, Inc.
  66. Rural Bank of Bagabag (N.V.) Inc.
  67. Rural Bank of Bambang (Nueva Vizcaya) Inc.
  68. Rural Bank of Barili (Cebu) Inc.
  69. Rural Bank of Bauang, Inc.
  70. Rural Bank of Bayombong, Inc.
  71. Rural Bank of Calbayog City, Inc.
  72. Rural Bank of Cardona (Rizal) Inc.
  73. Rural Bank of Cauayan, Inc.
  74. Rural Bank of Central Pangasinan (Bayambang) Inc.
  75. Rural Bank of Digos, Inc.
  76. Rural Bank of Dolores (Quezon) Inc.
  77. Rural Bank of Dumangas, Inc.
  78. Rural Bank of Gattaran (Cagayan) Inc.
  79. Rural Bank of General Trias, Inc.
  80. Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc.
  81. Rural Bank of Itogon (Benguet) Inc.
  82. Rural Bank of Jaen, Inc.
  83. Rural Bank of Lebak (Sultan Kudarat) Inc.
  84. Rural Bank of Mabalacat, Inc.
  85. Rural Bank of Magdalena (Laguna) Inc.
  86. Rural Bank of Mangaldan
  87. Rural Bank of Maragondon, Inc.
  88. Rural Bank of Maria Aurora (Aurora) Inc.
  89. Rural Bank of Mexico (Pampanga since 1962)
  90. Rural Bank of Montalban, Inc.
  91. Rural Bank of Pandi (Bulacan) Inc.
  92. Rural Bank of Paracale (Camarines Norte) Inc.
  93. Rural Bank of Pilar (Bataan) Inc.
  94. Rural Bank of Pilar (Sor) Inc.
  95. Rural Bank of Pola (Oriental Mindoro)
  96. Rural Bank of Rizal (Zamboanga del Norte) Inc.
  97. Rural Bank of Rosario (La Union) Inc.
  98. Rural Bank of San Antonio, Inc.
  99. Rural Bank of San Mateo (Isabela) Inc.
  100. Rural Bank of San Narciso, Inc.
  101. Rural Bank of San Pascual (Obando, Bulacan) Inc.
  102. Rural Bank of Solano (Nueva Vizcaya) Inc.
  103. Rural Bank of Sta. Ignacia, Inc.
  104. Rural Bank of Tandag (Surigao Del Sur) Inc.
  105. Rural Bank of Tangub City (Misamis Occidental) Inc.
  106. Rural Bank of Taal, Inc
  107. Saviour Rural Bank, Inc.
  108. Sta. Maria Rural Bank, Inc.
  109. Sugbuanon Rural Bank, Inc.
  110. Summit Bank
  111. Valiant Bank, Inc.
  112. Rural Bank of Cuenca Inc.

Commercial Banks and Universal Banks. These banks provide financial solutions like deposit services and loans to the general public. They also offer investment products for clients who want to take the chances of growing their wealth.

Most commercial banks and universal banks also offer money remittance services, foreign exchange services, locker facilities, advancing loans, and bullion trading. Here are the banks in the Philippines that belong to these cathories as per Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP):

  1. Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines*
  2. Asia United Bank Corporation (AUB)
  3. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
  4. BDO Unibank, Inc.
  5. BDO Private Bank
  6. Prince Bank
  7. Bank of America, N.A.
  8. Bank of China – Manila Branch
  9. Bank of Commerce
  10. Bank of the Philippine Islands
  11. Bangkok Bank Co. Ltd.
  12. Cathay United Bank Co. Ltd. – Manila Branch
  13. Chang Hwa Commercial Bank LTD – Manila Branch
  14. China Banking Corporation (Chinabank)
  15. Chinatrust Philippines Commercial Bank Corporation (Chinatrust)
  16. CIMB Bank Philippines Inc.
  17. Citibank Philippines
  18. Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP, secondary government bank)*
  19. Deutsche Bank
  20. East West Banking Corporation (EastWest Bank)
  21. First Commercial Bank Manila
  22. Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd. Manila
  23. Industrial and Commercial Bank China Limited – Manila Branch
  24. Industrial Bank of Korea Manila Branch
  25. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan Chase)
  26. KEB Hana Bank – Manila Branch
  27. Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank; LBP, main government bank)*
  28. Maybank Philippines, Inc.
  29. Mega International Commercial Bank Co. LTD
  30. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)
  31. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Manila Branch
  32. MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  33. Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)
  34. Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  35. Philippine Trust Company (Philtrust Bank)
  36. Philippine Veterans Bank (Veterans Bank; PVB)
  37. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
  38. Robinsons Bank Corporation (RBank)
  39. Security Bank Corporation (Security Bank)
  40. Shinhan Bank – Manila Branch
  41. Standard Chartered Bank Philippines
  42. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Manila Branch
  43. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  44. Tonik
  45. Union Bank of the Philippines, Inc. (Unionbank)
  46. United Overseas Bank Limited Manila Branch

Savings Banks. If you want to grow your money while you are saving them, it is best to put it in a savings bank account because this type of bank has it as its primary goal. Your wealth will earn interest and dividends from the loans provided by the bank to individuals who have the capacity to repay the amount borrowed with interest.

There are several savings banks in the Philippines. According to BSP, here are the banking companies that belong to this category:

  1. 1st Valley Bank
  2. AllBank, Inc.
  3. Bank of Makati
  4. Bank One Savings Corporation
  5. Bangko Kabayan, Inc. (a private development bank)
  6. Bataan Development Bank
  7. BPI Direct BanKo, Inc. (a subsidiary of BPI)
  8. CARD SME Bank, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  9. Century Savings Bank Corporation
  10. China Bank Savings
  11. City Savings Bank (a subsidiary of Unionbank)
  12. Citystate Savings Bank
  13. Cordillera Savings Bank, Inc.
  14. Dumaguete City Development Bank, Inc.
  15. Equicom Savings Bank (Equicom)
  16. First Consolidated Bank, Inc.
  17. Hiyas Banking Corporation
  18. HSBC Savings Bank Philippines Inc.
  19. Isla Bank (a thrift bank)
  20. Legazpi Savings Bank
  21. Lemery Savings and Loan Bank, Inc.
  22. Life Savings Bank, Inc.
  23. LOLC Bank Philippines, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  24. Luzon Development Bank
  25. Makiling Development Bank Corporation
  26. Malayan Savings Bank
  27. NorthPoint Development Bank, Inc.
  28. Overseas Filipino Bank (subsidiary of Landbank; government bank)
  29. Pacific Ace Savings Bank, Inc.
  30. Pampanga Development Bank
  31. Pen Bank, Inc. (formerly Peninsula RB, Inc.)
  32. Philippine Business Bank
  33. Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank; a subsidiary of Metrobank)
  34. Philippine Star Development Bank, Inc.
  35. Producers Savings Bank Corporation (Producers Bank)
  36. Queen City Development Bank
  37. Quezon Coconut Bank, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  38. Rizal Microbank, Inc. (a thrift bank of RCBC)
  39. Sterling Bank of Asia
  40. Sun Savings Bank, Inc.
  41. UCPB Savings Bank (a subsidiary of UCPB)
  42. University Savings Bank, Inc.
  43. Wealth Development Bank Corporation
  44. Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc.

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