Joey de Leon Lubid Issue: MTRCB’s Chance To Show Fairness

MTRCB released a statement on Joey de Leon Lubid Issue

Joey de Leon Lubid Issue – The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) now has the chance to show they are fair after the controversial statement that veteran comedian-host Joey de Leon made.

During the Saturday episode of E.A.T, Joey’s noontime show with fellow veteran showbiz personalities Vic and Tito Sotto on TV5, the Henyo Master made a statement that did not sit well with many netizens.

A contestant in the segment Gimme 5 was tasked to mention five things that being hanged on the neck. Joey said, “Lubid. Lubid baka nakakalimutan niyo. Lubid.”

joey de leon lubid issue
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Many netizens pointed out that it was a mental health joke that was not appropriate to be spoken on national TV. With this, the Henyo Master received criticism for his lubid joke. The MTRCB was also under fire after that controversial statement that Joey made.

There were even those who called out social media personality Rendon Labador to criticize Joey de Leon. Rendon reacted to Joey’s lubid remark through his Instagram Story.

On September 25, MTRCB released a statement regarding Joey’s issue. After receiving complaints, the board said that it would investigate if it is valid and if there should be an action that will be taken against the veteran comedian-host.

With this, MTRCB can fully show that it does not make decisions based on personal feelings or opinions. To recall, the board, especially chairwoman Lala Sotto was criticized when it released a decision suspending It’s Showtime for 12 days.

Chair Sotto was already criticized when she defended her mother and father’s “kissing” on air. That criticism leveled up again after the Joey de Leon Lubid Issue.

TV personalities, especially on live shows should be careful of what they are saying. They should be role models for the younger generation and an inspiration to everyone. However, errors on air, unexpected incidents, and shocking happenings are inevitable during live shows.

mtrcb lala sotto
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If errors cannot be avoided, TV personalities should be ready to face the consequences of their actions and have the willingness to change for the better after learning from their mistakes. There is nothing wrong with saying sorry as well. Humility from the one who erred will be greatly appreciated.

MTRCB should make sure also to apply fairness and equality to everyone, as well as to have that undeniable power to implement the rules and regulations.

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