9 Types of Intelligence based on Howard Gardner’s Theory

TYPES OF INTELLIGENCE – You can check the details below about the theory of psychologist Howard Gardner about “Multiple Intelligence”.

Nowadays, a lot of people recognize that academic intelligence is not the only proof of the wit of a person. It is because of the theory of psychologist Howard Garner about “Multiple Intelligence”. According to Gardner, there are 9 types of intelligence.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE: 9 Types According To Howard Gardner

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE: Howard Gardner Names 9 Types of Intelligence

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE – Here is a list of nine (9) types of intelligence according to psychologist Howard Gardner.

One of the psychologist who believe that being intelligent may come in different ways is American psychologist Howard Gardner. He is the one who proposed the model of multiple intelligence.

Under the said model, Gardner claims that the people may differ in terms of smartness – others may be good in physical activities while others may be into smart speaking.

In this article, we will talk about the multiple intelligence and identify the nine (9) types according to Howard Gardner.

Multiple Intelligence
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1. Naturalist

According to Gardner, people under this type are those who have special skills in dealing with nature. They can be sensitive to the features of the world.

2. Logical

Also called as Mathematical Intelligence, this type features the ability of a person to calculate and solve mathematical operations. People having this intelligence are excellent in numbers and patterns.

3. Bodily-Kinesthetic

Based on the article, individuals who have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are excellent in physical tasks. They can manipulate objects, perform, and play sports well.

4. Spatial

People with this smartness are those who are good at mental imagery. They have artistic skills making them excellent painters, artists, sculptors, etc. They have very creative minds.

5. Linguistic

Individuals who are good in speaking and choosing the right words to say have this. They are excellent at expressing themselves in a way that is very understandable.

6. Existential

Based on the article, this refers to the sensitivity and the capability to handle deep questions surrounding the human existence. These people have great understanding about life and death.

7. Intra-Personal

This refers to the ability to understand oneself. A person exactly knows who he is, what he wants, what he is capable and not capable of. People having this have a greater chance of being shy.

8. Interpersonal

Somehow the counterpart of Intra-Personal in the list, the interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability to connect with others. Based on the article, individuals who have this can interact with others effectively may it be verbally or non-verbally.

9. Musical

People under this are those who have the capacity to decide on tone, rhythm, pitch, and other things related to music. Their intelligence makes it possible for them to do more about music.

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