Ivana Alawi and Andrea Brillantes In One Fun Video

Many people loved this collab of Ivana Alawi and Andrea Brillantes.

Famous personalities Ivana Alawi and Andrea Brillantes are both actresses and vloggers and here’s their recent collaboration.

Two of the brightest and most famous stars of today are Ivana Alawi and Andrea Brillantes. They are being followed by millions on various social media sites.

And recently, a collaboration of these two personalities happened. It is a collaboration many people love and a video with a lot of discoveries.

In the video uploaded on the channel of Alawi, they were asked questions from their followers and the two of them found out that they actually have a lot of similarities when it comes to their characters and perspectives in various life aspects.

In the same video, several things about them were also revealed. Blythe admitted that he toxic trait is getting back to those who have done her wrong. But in a recent event in her life where she felt a lot of pain, she tried everything to not retaliate.

She let everything be and it made her life better.

The young actress also revealed other things like her first crush was Paul Salas, planning to take a Psychology course,

Ivana also agreed with her when she relayed her thoughts about people who cheat. In a piece of advice she shared with the viewers, she expressed to not go crazy over finding out if someone is cheating on them because God never neglects those who are being cheated on and hurt.

She expressed that God will always find a way to show you these things in order to take you away from them. She said based on the video, “Hindi mo kailangang alamin lahat dahil kung may kailangang ipaalam sa’yo si Lord, ipapakita Niya sa’yo yun.”

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