Moira dela Torre On ‘Parang Lasing” Comment On Singing Style

Moira dela Torre talked about the way she sings

Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre reacted to comments that she is “parang lasing” when she is singing.

Moira is one of the most popular female singers nowadays. She is known for her “hugot” songs like Paubaya, Ikaw at Ako, Malaya, Paalam, and many more. Her soft voice is fit for this kind of genre and many fans can relate to the emotional lyrics of her songs.

However, there are those who do not like her singing style. For some people, her voice is something that can put them at ease while some said that it’s boring and makes them fall asleep.

moira dela torre
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One of the negative comments on her singing style is that she sings like she is drunk. In a recent interview, based on the article in Abante, Moira dela Torre shared her reaction to those who said that she is “parang lasing” while singing.

She stressed that she does not drink alcohol before performing. “Akala po nila lagi akong nakainom pero gusto ko pong sabihin sa inyo na hindi naman po, ganito lang talaga ako magsalita,” the singer-songwriter said.

Moria also said that the way she sings and speaks is natural to her. “Paglabas ko po ng… paglabas ko sa nanay ko ganito na po talaga ako. Pati pag-iyak ko ata ganito na rin. So pasensya na,” she shared.

moira dela torre
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Then, she admitted that she easily gets drunk. Moira said that she could get drunk with just three glasses of wine. The singer also shared that the way she speaks even gets slower when she is drunk.

Meanwhile, Moira dela Torre talked about her ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) diagnosis. “You can’t heal if you don’t acknowledge, and, you can’t move forward if you don’t acknowledge where you are right now, and that is really what I’ve been doing,” the singer-songwriter said.

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