Batang Quiapo “Bagong Yugto” Almost 7-Minute Trailer

Here’s the lengthy trailer of Batang Quiapo for its new chapter.

The successful series FPJ’s Batang Quiapo of Coco Martin is set to open a new chapter with more intense plot twists and here is the trailer.

Primetime King Coco Martin is set to take their viewers to another spin on the story of Tanggol FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. Lovi Poe, his leading lady in the series, has returned to the country following her wedding abroad, and since she returned, she has been working continuously.

The tight schedule is due to the grand event of Asap Natin ‘To in Milan, Italy, where they are both a part of.

In a previous article, Lovi reacted to Ivana Alawi’s inclusion in the new chapter of the series and expressed that she is actually excited already to be working with them. She is excited to do scenes with the additional actors which included the actress-vlogger who will be playing Bubble, another love interest of Tanggol.

And recently, as the new chapter is about to unfold, a sneak peek of what is bound to happen has been shown in an almost 7-minute trailer.

In the trailer, scenes such as the wedding of Mokang and Ramon were shown. The life of Tanggol inside the prison was also highlighted, and how some of the characters, like the character of Jaclyn Jose, helped him become a better person.

His romance with Bubbles was also shown and how killing someone inside the jail led him to a life outside the prison.

On the other hand, despite being married to Ramon, Mokang remains in love with Tanggol which makes this story entangled with the truth in Tanggol’s life regarding his real father.

He met Don Ramon in an unexpected situation and David’s pretension of being him was discovered.

Check out the trailer below:

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