Grade 12 Student’s Excellent Handwritten Lecture Notes Go Viral Online

Grade 12 Student Earns Praise From Netizens Due to Excellent Handwritten Lecture

METICULOUS PENMANSHIP – A Grade 12 student’s excellent handwritten lecture notes have taken social media by storm.

Handwritten notes have a warmth and authenticity to them that computerized writing may not always have. When someone receives a handwritten letter or card, they can sense the time and effort that went into the gesture. This personal touch strengthens the writer-recipient bond, making the message more meaningful and memorable.

Recently, a student named Vernice Gabriele Seda-Club shared her excellent handwritten lecture notes with a well-structured format and thoughtful highlights. Vernice is a Grade 12 at Holy Child Catholic School in Tondo, Manila.

Handwritten Lecture Notes

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of her notes, it is the attention to detail that stands out in Vernice’s work. She diligently records her lessons with a precision that leaves no room for confusion.

Notably, she goes the extra mile to provide visual aids, such as detailed diagrams differentiating plant and animal cells, as well as some characters from the ancient Filipino script, Baybayin. These illustrations not only enhance her understanding of the subjects but also serve as visual aids for anyone fortunate enough to access her notes.

Gabrielle stated that she completed this activity on weekends and during class suspensions due to inclement weather. Her dedication to her academics is inspiring, as she seizes any opportunity to improve her learning experience.

Handwritten Lecture Notes

In an age dominated by digital technology and computer-generated fonts, her handwritten notes remind us of the beauty and effectiveness of traditional study methods. Her notes may serve as an inspiration to others to pursue their studies with the same level of enthusiasm and attention to detail.

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