Male Netizen Flexes Girlfriend Who Bought Her Own Engagement Ring

Male Netizen Flexes Engagement Ring His Girlfriend Bought for Herself

A male netizen goes viral and elicits comments online after flexing his girlfriend who bought her own engagement ring.

A Facebook user named Aldo Albano has shared the photo of the engagement ring purchased by his girlfriend for herself. The post immediately circulated online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Aldo revealed that he and his girlfriend have been together for five years, during which they have engaged in discussions about getting married. However, the pandemic and busy work schedules temporarily shifted their focus.

Male Netizen

Eventually, the couple reached a point where they decided to formalize their commitment.

Albano did not expect an engagement ring would come first before their actual engagement.

“Unfortunately, pandemic came and busy sa work. Sabi ko din ayusin na namin since medyo maluwag na kahit pa paano ang schedule namin, hindi ko naman in-expect na engagement ring pala una. Pero kung, sabagay engagement ring nga muna pala bago kasal. We are also mindful sa mga gastos namin so unless mahalaga or matagal namin nagagamit ang isang bagay ganun lang madalas namin pinagkakagastusan,”Albano said.

The latter revealed that his girlfriend is the one who handles their finances. She possesses a keen memory when it comes to money matters and is highly organized.

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While this arrangement has its advantages, Aldo also acknowledges the challenge of planning surprises since his girlfriend is well-acquainted with their financial situation.

“Si gf din siya nagha-handle ng finances ko ever since. Pagdating sa pera ,mas matalas ang memory niya and mas organized. Downside lang sakin is mahirap mag-surprise since she handles all my finances,” he added.

The social media users expressed their reactions to his girlfriend’s gesture:

Male Netizen

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