Italy Coach Gianmarco Pozzecco Excited to Meet Manny Pacquiao

Italy Basketball Coach Gianmarco Pozzecco Wants to Meet Manny Pacquiao

Italy Basketball Coach Gianmarco Pozzecco reveals he is excited to meet Filipino legendary boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

The Italy coach is looking forward to the many experiences he will have while in the Philippines for the 2023 FIBA World Cup, which begins this afternoon. Pozzecco spoke at a news conference on Thursday, Aug. 24, about the Filipinos’ hospitality as well as the country’s love of basketball.

Italy Coach Manny Pacquiao

Azzurri coach Pozzeco stated that he is aware of the events in the Philippines and is looking forward to experiencing the Filipinos’ affection for the game of basketball when it meets Gilas. However, due to the traffic situation in Manila, he also recommended everyone to “stay at home” and prevent from going out.

“First of all, I want to thank you with the people from the Philippines, they are so lovely. They love basketball of course, and we feel that they treat us so good. But please, from today, try to stay home and don’t go out car, so we will not have too much traffic. If you need to go out, go to work. Don’t go out just for fun, please,” he said.

“I love the atmosphere. I don’t love the traffic,” he added. “But they are so lovely and you treat us so well.”

Pozzecco was also enthusiastic at the possibility of seeing and meeting Pacquiao when he arrived in the Philippines. Pozzecco also said that he is a big follower of Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

He expressed a desire to meet the boxing star during his visit to the country for the FIBA World Cup 2023. “I want to meet Manny Pacquiao, so organize this kind of meet, please. Thanks,” he said, based on the article of One Sports. 

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