Customer Shares Funny Encounter w/ Fast-Food Crew: “yung hindi mo mabasa ang menu”

Customer Elicits Reactions After Sharing Funny Encounter w/ Fast-Food Crew

A lady customer struggling to read the menu has shared her funny encounter with a fast-food crew, “yung hindi mo mabasa ang menu”.

In the realm of dining out, the menu board stands as a focal point that holds more than just a list of dishes; it’s a visual gateway into a world of culinary possibilities. These boards, often adorned with vibrant colors, mouthwatering images, and carefully curated typography, play a pivotal role in shaping our dining experiences.

Beyond being mere tools for ordering, menu boards are powerful communicators that provide insight into a restaurant’s brand, offerings, and personality. The language used, the names of dishes, and descriptions can offer insights into the origins and stories behind the food.


Food businesses should ensure the menu boards are clearly visible and accessible to the customers.

Recently, a Facebook user named Lorraine shared a photo of her funny encounter with a fast-food crew. The post went viral and immediately garnered various reactions from the online community.

The photograph captures a fast-food crew member holding up a menu board in front of Lorraine, placing her in a relatable situation many have encountered. The lady customer admitted to having difficulties with her vision making it difficult for her to read.

In another story, a woman treats mom at fast-food chain “dati ako yung tinitreat mo, ngayon ikaw naman”

Sabi ko hindi ko makita kung saan sa board yung breakfast na chaofan kaya dinala niya sa harap ko,” Lorraine said.

The post has a caption:

“yung hindi mo mabasa ang menu kaya inabot sayo ang menu board”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the customer’s encounter with the fast-food employee:

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