Mall in Quezon City Earns Praise Online for Allowing Dog to Sleep Inside

Netizens Praise Mall in Quezon City for Allowing Dog to Sleep Inside Premises

Fairview Terraces Mall in Quezon City has earned praise from the netizens for allowing a dog to sleep inside the establishment.

From cafes and restaurants to malls and hotels, businesses are embracing the concept of being pet-friendly by offering designated areas where dogs can unwind and relax alongside their owners.

This move in perspective demonstrates a deep understanding of the bond between humans and their pets, acknowledging the need for spaces that cater to the entire family, including the furry members.

Quezon City

Recently, a Facebook user named Josh Espina commends Fairview Terraces Mall in Quezon City for their compassionate gesture towards a local street dog, or “aspin,” which was spotted resting comfortably within the mall premises. The post goes viral after it was posted online.

Josh expressed his appreciation for the mall’s security guards and management for not shooing the dog away. Instead, they allowed it to sleep peacefully inside the mall. He shared the post on (DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES) an online community page dedicated to dog lovers.

Espina said that the dog is often seen near the mall entrance and described the dog as well-behaved.

Quezon City

Here is the full post:

I always see this dog pag papasok ako and pag uuwi galing work. Today, nasa loob sya ng mall natutulog. Not sure kung may nag-aalaga sa kanya but I hope meron. Thank you Fairview Terraces for letting this doggy sleep peacefully sa loob ng mall

The mall’s heartwarming gesture shows the impact of such compassionate actions and the value of creating pet-friendly spaces in public areas.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the gesture of the mall management:

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