Car Driver After Waze Gives Him Unexpected Detour “Anu to Temple Run?”

Car Driver Shares Hilarious Reaction After Waze Gives Him Unexpected Detour Down Unfamiliar Path

A car driver shares a hilarious reaction after Waze gives him an unexpected detour, exclaiming, “Anu to Temple Run?”

Facebook user Tutuy Caraig Perez shared a photo of an unintentional detour down an unfamiliar path given by Waze. The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from netizens.

Perez found himself in an unexpected situation during his daily journey to work. Engaged in fieldwork and familiar with the general area, Tutuy was caught off guard when he encountered a new bridge on his route.

Car Driver

This bridge, unknown to him at the time, led him down a winding path he hadn’t expected. Despite his attempts to navigate through the unfamiliar territory, Tutuy eventually found himself at a dead-end, leaving him with no choice but to retrace his steps.

“I’m doing field work in the area. Familiar ako sa lugar pero hindi yung sikot sikot. Hindi ako aware na may new bridge na pala dun. Kasi even waze hindi pa updated eh. Ayun, akala ko talaga pwede pa dumaan kasi maliit lang naman otong dala ko. Tinawid ko pa rin yan. Pero sa dulo wala, dead end talaga hahaha pero si waze pinipilit pa rin,” Perez said.

Tutuy decided to share his unusual experience on social media, which resonated with netizens. Some internet users have also shared similar experiences using the satellite navigation app.

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Tutuy’s experience shows that, despite the availability of current technology, not all upgrades can keep up with the ever-changing urban geography.

Here is the full post:

Hayup ka WAZE papatayin mo ata ako.. Anu to Temple Run hehehe”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the car driver’s unexpected experience.

Car Driver

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