Top Streaming Services Of 2023

8 Best Streaming Platforms in 2023

STREAMING SERVICES – In this article, you will know the top 8 best streaming services of 2023.

Streaming services have undergone significant changes in the past three years alone. This means you now have to make choices about which subscriptions to get based on factors like the size and variety of their content libraries, pricing, and the preferences of everyone in your household.

Our comprehensive list, which features platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Max, can assist you in determining which streaming platforms align with your needs. Some platforms provide more affordable choices, while others are included as part of bundled offerings without additional cost.


Best Streaming Services Of 2023



Netflix has become synonymous with streaming for a reason. Originally a movie rental service, it has transformed into a top-tier streaming app that’s essential in 2023, even if you’re paying extra to share your account. Major original shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things attract millions of viewers and receive both critical acclaim and awards.

Disney Plus


Disney Plus is a close competitor to Netflix for valid reasons. It’s the exclusive platform for streaming the majority of Disney and Pixar content, all Star Wars movies, Marvel films, new original TV series, National Geographic content, and over 30 seasons of The Simpsons. Popular shows like The Mandalorian, Loki, Andor, and She-Hulk have garnered massive audiences, while movies like Turning Red and Encanto have received glowing reviews. Additionally, there are numerous upcoming original Star Wars and Marvel programs in the pipeline.



HBO Max has been rebranded as Max, offering an updated app with a wide selection of popular TV shows and films. The platform includes HBO’s entire library, DC Universe titles, favorites like Friends, the Lord of the Rings films, and almost every Studio Ghibli movie. It’s also the main platform for new Warner Bros-owned feature films. While not on the level of Disney Plus, Max boasts a solid collection of children’s content and provides better control over content ratings for kids’ profiles compared to most other services.



Priced at $8 per month (with ads), Hulu perfectly complements and contrasts with Netflix. Its channel lineup features a diverse range of familiar shows from networks like ABC, Fox, and FX, available shortly after airing (unlike Netflix). Additionally, Hulu has its own critically acclaimed original series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Only Murders in the Building.  

Prime Video


Amazon’s Prime Video offers a multitude of high-quality original series and films without ads, along with an extensive collection of older favorites and lesser-known B-movies. Additionally, it includes NFL coverage on Thursday nights.



Priced at $10 per month, which is lower than Netflix, Starz presents a unique and expanding selection of movies and original shows. Its library of over 800 films spans various genres, from ’80s classics to Westerns to the latest Sony releases. While initially known for its diverse movie catalog, Starz is gradually making its mark in the world of prestigious TV programming with a lineup of high-quality original content.



Designed for devoted sports enthusiasts, especially those interested in NHL, MLS, and UFC, ESPN Plus is an excellent streaming service. It has become the new destination for out-of-market NHL games and offers out-of-market MLS soccer matches, as well as soccer leagues from around the globe. The platform also exclusively features UFC events and pay-per-view matches, including UFC Fight Night and championship fights (for an additional fee).

Apple TV Plus


Despite its subscription cost rising to $7 per month, Apple TV Plus remains the most affordable premium, ad-free streaming service. It boasts top-tier features like 4K resolution, HDR, and the ability to download content for offline viewing. However, it stands out as the sole service on this list that solely offers original content, without any pre-existing catalog of shows or movies. While it now presents more than 50 exclusive, high-budget original shows and films, only a handful have gained widespread recognition, such as Ted Lasso and Severance. Notably, the movie CODA won the 2022 Oscar for Best Picture. Despite introducing new content like live MLB baseball on Fridays, its library remains significantly smaller compared to the other services mentioned.

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