Chito Miranda On 90s OPM Golden Age Remark: ‘We’re all underpaid’

Chito Miranda talked about his experience as a 90s artist

Parokya ni Edgar Chito Miranda shared his thoughts on the remark that the 90s is the “Golden Age” of OPM (Original Pinoy Music).

Chito has been in the music industry for almost three decades already. His band was among the most popular Pinoy bands back in the 1990s. They released several albums and their songs are still popular now to the younger generation.

In a previous post, the PNE frontman said that he is proud to be with younger groups in the music charts. It is because Parokya songs are still being streamed by many people on Spotify.

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He said that before, their “kasabayan” in music charts were their fellow 90s bands Eraserheads and Rivermaay. Now, they are still able to reach out to the younger generation.

In a social media post on August 13, acknowledged that many people say that the 90s is the OPM’s Golden Age. He said that it was indeed a fun era. “Sobrang saya naman kasi talaga nun 90s dahil sa Eheads, Rivermaya, PNE, Siakol, Color It Red, Teeth, Wolfgang, Yano, Razorback, Alamid, Youth, Grin Dept, at napakarami pang iba…at kahit saan ka kasi magpunta, maririnig mo yung kanta ng mga banda,” Chito Miranda said.

However, he pointed one sad fact during that era. “Pero nung time na yun, we were all underpaid, hati hati kami sa isang hotel room, kadalasan walang decent backstage or dressing room, di maganda yung soundsytem…at kahit sobrang sikat na ng mga bands, para pa rin kaming mga 2nd class citizens compared sa mga mainstream singers and artistas,” he shared.

Despite having that situation, Chito said that they loved what they were doing because it was “rakenrol.” At that time, they love the fact that they were “outcasts” because they did not want to be part of the “system.”

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Although the 90s was a fun time for them, the band vocalist said that now is the Golden Age of OPM. He said that artists and bands now do not majorly need mainstream media and recording companies but he is not saying that these aspects are not important.

He explained that artists now are more independent when it comes to creating their craft. Aside from this, Chito pointed out that artists and bands are now being paid that treated like celebrities.

Mula sa mga oldies namin tulad ng PNE and KMKZ, hanggang sa mga younger artists like Ben&Ben, DecAve, Zack Tabudlo, Flow G, SB19, etc…all are now treated how artists should be treated,” the seasoned artist said.

Chito Miranda also mentioned that music festivals are different now and he saw how fans and sponsors are supporting artists. He said that he saw how the artists then and now were being treated, and he is happy that artists are now being treated highly.

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