Top 10 iPhone Hacks & Tips For 2023

These 10 iPhone Hacks & Tips Will Make Your Life Way Easier

IPHONE HACKS – In this article, you will learn some of the most valuable tips, tricks, and settings for the iPhone.

People choose to buy iPhones for various reasons, as Apple’s smartphones offer a combination of features, design, and ecosystem that appeal to a wide range of users. We can help you select an iPhone you’ll enjoy using, whether you’ve been an iPhone user for a while or are just switching from Android to iPhone.

The iPhone comes equipped with a variety of impressive features, but you can enhance its capabilities even further by unlocking the hidden iPhone hacks and techniques within your device. While there are numerous concealed functions, we’ve selected some of the most advantageous iPhone hacks.


1.Charge Your Battery Faster in Airplane Mode

Looking to expedite the charging process for your iPhone? Activate Airplane Mode beforehand. Enabling Airplane Mode deactivates various phone functions, including cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, reducing battery workload and thereby hastening the charging speed. Remember to deactivate Airplane Mode once the charging is complete.

To activate Airplane Mode: Access Control Center (swipe down from the upper right on iPhone X and upward or from the bottom on other models) and tap the airplane icon.

2. Closing Apps Doesn’t Save Battery Life

You might have been advised that closing apps prolongs your iPhone’s battery life. Despite widespread beliefs, this notion is simply inaccurate. In reality, closing apps can potentially lead to an earlier battery depletion. Thus, refrain from quitting unused apps; instead, let them remain in the background.

3. Make a Light Blink as a Notification

Looking to receive notifications for new messages, incoming calls, or other important updates without needing to constantly check your iPhone’s screen or listen for alerts? This nifty trick allows you to have the rear camera flash on your iPhone blink whenever a new notification arrives.

In the Settings menu, navigate to Accessibility > Audio/Visual > LED Flash for Alerts and toggle the switch to the on/green position. Additionally, make sure to activate the Flash on Silent option.

4. Take Photos With the Volume Buttons

Pressing the camera button on the screen isn’t the sole method for taking pictures. In fact, there’s a simpler way to swiftly capture snapshots without the need to glance at or tap the screen. Once you’ve opened the Camera app, simply press the volume up or down button to instantly capture a photo. This functionality even extends to headphones equipped with inline remote controls.

5. Let Siri Help You Take Photos

Leveraging Siri can significantly speed up the process of taking photos. Although Siri can’t physically capture the photo itself, it can readily launch the Camera app with your specified settings, leaving you with the simple task of pressing the camera button (or utilizing the volume button). Follow these steps:

Activate Siri (by holding down the Home or Side button, depending on your iPhone model) and instruct Siri to initiate a photo or video. Your available choices include:

  • “Hey Siri, take a photo” (you can also say “picture”)
  • “Hey Siri, take a square photo”
  • “Hey Siri, take a panoramic photo”
  • “Hey Siri, take a video”
  • “Hey Siri, take a slow-motion video”
  • “Hey Siri, take a tap-lapse video”
  • “Hey Siri, take a selfie.”

When you have the desired image, press the volume or camera button.


6. Type Your Commands to Siri Instead of Speaking Them

Although Siri offers convenience, there are situations where speaking to Siri out loud might not be feasible or suitable, especially for individuals with disabilities. For such scenarios, you can make use of Siri’s text-based functionality by enabling the “Type to Siri” feature. This technique permits you to engage with Siri and issue commands through typing.

To activate this feature, navigate to the Settings app, choose Accessibility, then Siri, and finally turn on the “Type to Siri” option. Once Siri is activated, a keyboard will appear, allowing you to input your commands via typing. Alternatively, you can also use the microphone icon to give voice commands.

7. Use a Hidden Dark Mode

Dark modes have gained popularity among users who frequently operate their devices in low-light conditions. Enabling dark mode on your iPhone transforms the user interface into darker hues, which are gentler on the eyes when lighting is limited. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with color vision deficiencies. While dark mode is generally beneficial, the iPhone offers two additional options for those seeking additional visual assistance.

Head to Settings, then proceed to Accessibility, followed by Display & Text Size. Here, you can opt for either Smart Invert, which transitions certain on-screen colors into a dark mode appearance, or Classic Invert, which applies the dark mode to all colors.

8. Add a Virtual Home Button to Your Screen

For iPhone X or newer models, the absence of the traditional physical Home button might be missed. Similarly, even users of other iPhone models may desire the convenience and functionalities that come with having a virtual Home button accessible on the screen. This ingenious workaround offers swift access to features that would otherwise necessitate gestures or multiple taps.

To enable the virtual Home button, access Settings, proceed to Accessibility, then Touch, and finally AssistiveTouch. From this menu, you can activate the slider to turn on the feature. Additionally, you can customize actions for single taps, double taps, and long presses on the rear of your iPhone.

9. Replace Your Keyboard With a Trackpad

Dealing with the challenge of precisely positioning the small magnifying cursor on the screen when aiming to select specific text can be quite frustrating. However, we’ve got a clever solution that simplifies cursor placement within text. This technique transforms your keyboard into a trackpad, similar to the way a laptop’s mouse functions.

To engage this capability, simply tap and hold the Space bar on the keyboard while you’re in text input mode. After a brief moment, the cursor will become “active,” allowing you to effortlessly drag it to your desired location.

10. Measure Spaces Using Augmented Reality

You might be aware that your iPhone comes equipped with an integrated Level feature, useful for aligning pictures or shelves. Beyond this, the Measure app, present on the iPhone 12 and subsequent models, takes advantage of augmented reality to enable distance measurements directly on your device. These specific models are equipped with Lidar technology, enabling rapid distance calculations within a 3D space.

Within the Measure app, you have the ability to mark points and lines to measure distances on objects such as walls, furniture, and more. When the app detects a complete surface, it can even automatically compute side dimensions, area measurements, and additional parameters.

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