Casino Resorts with Nightclubs in the Philippines

In December 2022, Megaworld Corp announced that it once again had mega plans for the city of Manila with a project named Winford Resort. With the establishment of a “new integrated lifestyle community” across three hectares, a new mega casino seems to be on its way as well as a full package of entertainment and lifestyle options. The multi-use project is budgeted at an investment of PHP 15 bn and will be built close to the Chinatown at the former horse racing track in San Lazaro. Completion is expected in 2028.

In the Winford Resort visitors can enjoy a mix of lifestyle and entertainment which includes residential apartments, multiple hotels, and a fully equipped casino venue. Once completed, the Winford Resort will be added to the growing number of casino hotels available in the city of Manila, although there are currently no specific plans to include a nightclub. The Philippines is quickly becoming a new gaming hub in Asia which is why this guide provides a list of 5 casino resorts in the country with nightclubs included.

5. Okada Manila

Okada Manila opened its doors in 2016 and has managed to become one of the most sought after casino venues of the country. As a fully equipped casino hotel it is also a great option for those who want to enjoy a family get away. At Okada Manila, guests can enjoy indoor spaces for children that offer all sorts of entertainment options for toddlers. Visitors wanting to combine their casino thrills with relaxation can sit back at the built-in spa either before or after enjoying the casino and the nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Okada Manila is a $2.4 billion-worth complex and offers over 3000 casino games. Frequent shows by international and national singers are another reason to visit Okada.

4. Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City Hotel

Less fancy than Okada Manila, Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City Hotel is a well known hotel casino which is particularly popular for its favorable location and its lower price level. Though not as high class as some of the other options in this list, visitors will be pleased to find out that this casino venue is located at a short walk from different shopping malls as well as a golf course and even multiple nightclubs. Those looking for gambling fun and nightlife entertainment will have all the thrills right at their fingertips.

3. Newport World Resorts

Newport World Resorts in Manila is widely known for the country’s biggest hotel ballroom which welcomes all sorts of events all year through. The venue also has a complete convention center, multiple hotels and shopping malls. The good thing about this hotel casino is that there is a nightclub that can be enjoyed once visitors are done with the more than 1500 slot machines and the hundreds of table games. This hotel casino often organizes poker tournaments with mind-blowing cash prizes for the very best players.

2. Solaire Resort

Available since 2013, Solaire Resort is amongst the most visited hotel casinos in Manila Bay. It is not only popular for its 1,600 slot machines and +350 casino tables, it also offers some of the best classic architecture in Manila, designed by the American architect Paul Steelman. Considering the resort’s location it won’t come as a surprise that sunsets are enjoyed as much as possible by its many visitors if weather conditions allow it. People staying in this casino hotel will have 8 restaurants to choose from while the 1,800-seat theater provides them with even more entertainment options in addition to the casino fun. The built-in nightclub will maximize the full experience.

1. City of Dreams Manila

This $1.3 billion-worth City of Dreams Manila opened its doors in 2014 and is widely known as one the country’s favorite gaming destinations for visitors from everywhere in the world. City of Dreams Manila is a fancy casino resort which comes with different premium hotels and entertainment facilities such as shopping malls and nightclubs with mostly dance music. Close to the airport this casino venue is strategically located and will make sure people who arrive by plane will have a smooth experience as soon as they set foot on ground. As for gambling enthusiasts, there are more than 1,600 slots to be found on the casino floor which should keep adult visitors busy for a while. The 175+ gaming tables add some diversity so that all sorts of gambling enthusiasts can find the options they’re looking for. People wanting to prepare themselves for their next visits can also explore virtual alternatives as this will help them understand the basic rules of games like slot machines.

Disclaimer: people who visit one or multiple casino venues are recommended to gamble responsibly and set a predefined budget. The minimum age to visit casinos in the country of the Philippines is 21 years and older.

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