10 Simple & Delicious Ways To Cook Eggs

10 Easy Methods For Cooking Eggs

EGGS – Every method is distinct from the others. Certain techniques demand expertise, experience, and specialized tools, whereas a few are simple enough for anyone to execute.

There are more than 101 ways to cook eggs, each method being distinct from the others. Some of these techniques require expertise, experience, and specialized tools, while a few are simple enough for anyone to try.

Cooking eggs is likely one of the first culinary skills you learned when you started cooking. Eggs are incredibly versatile and easy to experiment with in the kitchen.

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Here are 10 basic methods for cooking eggs:

Over-easy: One side of the egg is cooked in a pan with oil or butter, and then it is flipped to cook the other side for a short duration.

Sunny-side up: In this style, only one side of the egg is cooked, leaving the other side slightly cooked by the heat below. The yolk remains in its liquid form, resembling the shape of the sun.

Hard-boiled: Eggs are boiled for an extended period, typically 12 minutes or more, resulting in firm egg whites and solid yolks.

Soft-boiled: The opposite of hard-boiled, eggs are boiled for a shorter time, leaving the egg whites slightly cooked with liquid yolks.

Basted: Similar to sunny-side up, but hot oil is poured over the egg to lightly cook the top.

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Over-hard: The opposite of over-easy, where one side is cooked and then flipped again to produce a solid yolk.

Poached: Eggs are cracked and gently simmered in water until they reach the desired level of doneness.

Steam-basted: Instead of using oil, a little water is added to the pan, and the steam helps cook the egg.

Shirred: Eggs are cracked into an oven-safe cup, topped with butter, and then baked for a specific time.

Scrambled: Eggs are whisked with salt and pepper, then fried in a pan with constant stirring. Omelets are a derivative of scrambled eggs.

Each of these methods offers a unique way to enjoy the versatility of eggs, making them an essential ingredient in any kitchen.

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