Woman Stabbed Over Comments on Social Media in Mandaue

Woman Got Stabbed by Ex-Partner Due to Her Rude Comments on Social Media in Mandaue

A woman received eight stab wounds after being stabbed by her ex-partner over her rude comments on social media in Mandaue.

A man was detained after stabbing his ex-wife multiple times in Mandaue City’s Barangay Basak. According to the Inquirer report, the estranged husband stabbed his ex-wife eight times because she made derogatory comments about him on social media.

Woman Stabbed Comments Mandaue

The suspect has been identified as Julius Besabella, according to Police Lieutenant Colonel Franco Rudolf Oriol, the deputy city director for operations at the Mandaue City Police Office. Meanwhile, Merry Joy Besabella, the stabbed wife, has been recognized. Besabella is believed to have been arrested shortly after stabbing Merry Joy at Labogon, near Barangay Basak.

The couple had been separated for two years, according to police investigation, after Merry Joy became pregnant by another man. Merry Joy is claimed to frequently harass the suspect on her social media account by commenting or posting derogatory language.

Until the suspect became irritated by one of the victim’s statements and dashed to the residence. Merry Joy lives in a different house than her ex-husband, yet they both live in the same barangay.

The suspect approached the victim and stabbed her with a knife. Julius is now being held at the Basak Police Station on charges of frustrated parricide, while Merry Joy averted death and is being treated in the hospital.

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