Rider Who Offered Free Ride to Young Boy Walking Alone Earns Praises Online

Netizens Praise Rider Who Offered Free Ride to Young Boy Walking Alone Early in the Morning

A kind-hearted rider who offered a free ride to a young boy walking alone in the early hours earns praises online.

A heartwarming incident involving a kind-hearted rider has touched the hearts of netizens in North Caloocan City. The rider, identified as Bernard, came across a young boy walking alone in the early hours of the morning and offered him a ride home, garnering admiration and support from online communities.

According to ‘Do Nan’ Bernard’s Facebook post, he spotted the child walking on the deserted streets late at night. There was no one else around, and the area was dimly lit. Concerned for the boy’s safety, Bernard approached him and asked if he could give him a lift. Without hesitation, Bernard decided to stop and help the young boy.


As they rode together, Bernard struck up a conversation with the boy, inquiring about why he was out so late at night. It turned out that the child had gone to a particular place to beg for alms, as a means to assist his parents.

The boy, who had eight siblings, explained that despite their parents’ efforts, they were struggling financially. In an act of selflessness, the young boy had taken it upon himself to contribute by collecting money late into the night.

From 4 pm to 1 am, he had managed to gather only a meager ₱100.

Despite the challenges they faced, the boy and his siblings remained dedicated to their studies, thanks to their parents’ unwavering commitment to their education. However, it seemed that financial constraints forced the young boy to find alternative ways to help out.

Bernard was deeply moved by the boy’s kindness and manners. He couldn’t help but admire the child’s character, acknowledging the difficult circumstances he was facing yet remaining respectful and well-mannered.

In a plea to fellow riders, Bernard requested their assistance in supporting the young boy. He encouraged others who might come across him to offer a ride or lend a helping hand to the child on his way home to ph4 Bagong Silang.

The rider revealed that he went the extra mile and ensured the young boy safely reached his destination.

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