Isko Moreno on why he doesn’t want Joaquin Domagoso to get married

Isko Moreno talked about his son who is now a father

Eat Bulaga host Isko Moreno shared the reason why he does not want his son actor Joaquin Domagoso to get married for now.

Joaquin is now a father. He has a son with his partner social media personality Raffa Castro. Although they have started their little family, marriage is not yet in their immediate plan.

Based on the article in Abante, even Isko is not yet in favor of letting the young couple tie the knot.

isko moreno joaquin domagoso
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Isko Moreno stressed that marriage is a lifetime commitment and this is not something to be entered into if one is not yet ready. This is the reason why he and his wife did not let their son get married yet.

The former Manila Mayor said that Joaquin and Raffa, who are in their early 20s, are too young and this is not an issue of love or relationship. He stressed that it should be considered that getting married and having a family means responsibility.

“You have to be responsible for another mouth. Life is life, every life is a blessing. Depende sa perspective mo, there are always two sides to a coin, well sa iba maaaring, ‘Uy pangit ‘yan,’ sa akin, blessing ‘yan, eh, and you have to be responsible,” Isko said.

Joaquin Domagos and Raffa Castro

He added that Joaquin and Raffa still can do a lot of things and they do not to be tied down in a marriage. Isko also said that when the right time comes if the young couple are ready to settle down, they can make the decision for themselves.

Meanwhile, Isko Moreno said that having his grandson Scott Angelo is a blessing to them.

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