2 PNPA Cadets Expelled After Caught Cheating During Exam

PNPA Expelled 2 Cadets After They Were Caught Cheating on Exam

The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) expelled two (2) cadets after they were allegedly caught cheating during the exam.

According to the allegation, investigators observed two cadets exchanging answers while taking tests. The PNP stated that the cadets’ identities were not disclosed for their protection.

PNPA Cadets Cheating

Following a thorough inquiry, the PNP’s Honor Committee and Cadet Disciplinary Board decided to expel the two second-class cadets. The PNPA emphasized that the cadets’ expulsion will serve as a message to other students that the institution does not tolerate any sort of dishonesty.

Academic integrity was also emphasized, with the goal being “to create leaders who uphold the highest standards of excellence in service to the nation.” According to PNPA head Major General Eric Noble, the PNP is committed to sustaining an environment of academic achievement and honesty.

“As an organization, we strive to nurture a culture where honesty, accountability, and ethical values thrive, enabling our cadets to become future leaders of impeccable character,” Noble added.

Eleven cadets have been removed from the PNPA since January of this year for serious misconduct and academic inadequacies. Noble stated that by emphasizing the significance of academic integrity and rejecting any type of dishonesty, the police academy hopes to develop leaders who uphold the greatest standards of excellence in service to the country.

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