Jormiel Labador on Awra Briguela Release: “I stand with Awra, ibalik sa kulungan!”

Jormiel Labador Reacts to Netizens Supporting Awra Briguela Following Release

JORMIEL LABADOR – The brother of motivational speaker Rendon Labador reacts to the netizens supporter Awra Briguela following his release.

On Facebook, the social media star posted a video in which he shares his feelings about the arrest of a Kapamilya actor who was recently involved in a scuffle in a Makati City pub. Jormiel addressed Awra’s followers directly, stating that the actor deserved to be imprisoned again for his activities during the incident’s peak.

Jormiel Labador Awra Briguela

Jormiel said forcefully to those who supported Awra, “Ibalik niyo sa kulungan.” Jormiel questioned the circumstances surrounding Awra’s release on Saturday, pointing out that courts are generally closed on weekends. He also wondered how bail could have been posted at that time.

 “Ibalik niyo po si Awra sa kulungan. Pwede siyang mag-piyansa sa Lunes, Lunes nalang natin pakawalan si Awra, please. Nakikiusap ako sa mga barangay tanod diyan, sa mga pulis at kung sino man ang nagpakawala diyan, ibalik niyo po si Awra sa kulunga,” he said in his video.

He also expressed his belief that celebrities are given preferential treatment, getting released as soon as possible, whereas people who are not well-known face harsher penalties. Several netizens also questioned Awra’s purported release over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje-Tang has already dispelled the widespread belief that courts are closed on Saturdays. She explained that courts continue to operate with a reduced staff on Saturdays, allowing certain accused individuals to post bond.

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