Atasha Muhlach Has Entered Showbiz

Atasha Muhlach Is Following The Footsteps Of Her Parents Aga & Charlene

ATASHA MUHLACH – The daughter of seasoned Filipino actors Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, Atasha Muhlach has officially entered the world of showbiz.

Atasha Muhlach waited more than a decade to fulfill her dream of being part of showbiz, where her parents, Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, are known. One of the twin children of Aga and Charlene was formally introduced as a new talent by Viva Artist Agency yesterday, July 3.

In the press conference after she signed the contract, the 21-year-old Atasha admitted that when she was only ten years old, she wanted to be a part of showbiz. But she had to put this dream aside to finish his studies.

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Atasha said, “This is something I always wanted to do ever since I was 10 years old, when I did the Sound of Music. That’s when I realized I really do love to perform. I love to sing, I love to make people smile.

“But at first, there’s a clash in my school that time, I needed to prioritize my studies first. That’s also what I promised to my parents and to myself, once I get that out of the way, and now, I’m here.”

Even though she studied abroad, Atasha never lost her interest in showbiz.

“It never went away,” Atasha told GMA Network and other media that attended the press conference.

“For a moment of time, I was exploring the corporate world. But then, I kind of realized, I’ve always been creative growing up, I might as well pursue that and try my best in that field,” she added.

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Also, Atasha Muhlach doesn’t think it’s too late to enter showbiz. She explained, “I never think any opportunity is too late. As long as you put in the work, you put in the effort, and you take every opportunity which is truly a blessing, and you learn from that. The process of learning, it’s ups and downs, are just really the best part. It’s never too late to do whatever is in your mind.”

Meanwhile, if her dad, Aga, had doubts about her entry into showbiz, now he is fully supportive.

“I’m guessing that he was not as open because I was still in school and that’s always a priority. Whenever I focus on anything, I always wanna try my best and make sure that I always give it my all just like in my school and my studies.

“So, for years, it’s always school first, school first. Now that that’s done, ‘Okay, you’re ready, go, spread your wings and fly.’”

Photo Source: @showbizzganap IG

In this regard, Atasha Muhlach also considers it an advantage to have parents from showbiz. She also shared the advice she received from her parents.

“The best advice they gave me was just be yourself, always be kind, always be respectful, and to always get every opportunity given such as like this, this is such a dream. So, just be you and work hard.”

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