Larry Gadon Challenges Risa Hontiveros: “Mag-Presidente muna siya”

Larry Gadon Reacts to Risa Hontiveros Opposing His Appointment After Being Disbarred

Controversial lawyer Larry Gadon reacts to Senator Risa Hontiveros opposing his appointment after being disbarred.

Gadon was recently unanimously disbarred by the Supreme Court following a viral video in which he is seen throwing expletives at a journalist. The video shows Gadon using “misogynistic, s3xist, abusive, and repetitive intemperate language” on journalist Raissa Robles, according to the supreme court.

Larry Gadon Risa Hontiveros

The Supreme Court En Banc voted 15-0 to remove Gadon from his legal authority. Larry Gadon fearlessly confronted the media after the Supreme Court stopped him from practicing law.

Meanwhile, Gadon is aware of Senator Risa Hontiveros’s request to have his appointment as Presidential Adviser for Poverty Alleviation revoked. Hontiveros believes that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. should carefully consider whether Gadon is qualified to take a government position.

“I ask the President to reconsider the appointment of Larry Gadon. Not only was he disbarred, he was also cited in direct contempt by the Supreme Court voting 15-0. A disgraced former attorney does not inspire confidence in the Cabinet,” said Hontiveros.

Gadon, according to the member, lacks the title and expertise to serve as an anti-poverty czar. As a result, Gadon challenged Hontiveros to a friendly debate, which he even participated in.

“He must become President first so he can have the power to appoint,” Gadon urged Hontiveros.

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