Bela Padilla Admits Her Decision To Move To UK Pushed By ABS-CBN’s Shutdown

Bela Padilla opened up about her decision to move to the London

Actress-director Bela Padilla admitted that her decision to move to the United Kingdom was pushed by the shutting down of her home network ABS-CBN.

Bela was one of the many Kapamilya stars who expressed sadness when the media company no longer had the right to renew its franchise. This brought a lot of changes in the lives of talents and employees of one of the biggest networks in the Philippines.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Bela revealed that because of what happened to her home network, she was prompted to leave the country.

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“To be completely frank, I made my decision to leave when ABS-CBN closed down. I was really affected by that and I felt hurt by it,” Bela Padilla said.

She said that she felt that other people decided on her work without knowing how they would exert their effort on the set just to finish a project.

“They were able to decide without meeting the people whose lives are changing forever. I felt that if we couldn’t be protected in a basic scale, it just doesn’t feel safe.” the actress added.

With this, she said that she wanted to find a place where she would feel safe and people would not do things against her unexpectedly and will just announce that she no longer has a job.


Right now, Bela is enjoying both the Philippines and the UK, especially with the digital era. “Ten years ago, if there is an artista who moved to the US or somewhere else, there will be no Zoom, which will allow them to meet any time of the day with Boss Vic (del Rosario, may-ari ng Viva Films) or ABS-CBN just to talk about the latest project for me. The world really got so close, so it’s easier,” she explained.

Bela Padilla is now in the Philippines for her new movie Wish You Were the One with JC Santos. She said that she thinks the pandemic made the world so small. “We don’t have to be locked in one place,” the actress said.

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