Priscilla Meirelles Reveals Merchant Returned Her Money

Priscilla Meirelles Thanks Merchant For Returning Her Money

PRISCILLA MEIRELLES – Former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles took to her Instagram stories to thank the merchant who returned her money.

Priscilla Meirelles recently talked about her horrible experience dealing with a bank. She vented her anger with the bank on Instagram stories.

According to Priscilla, the app that had paid the merchant three times had put her under a lot of stress. She complained to the bank, which advised her to contact the merchant and request a refund because there may have been an error in their app.

Photo Source: @primeirelles IG

Priscilla Meirelles contacted the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) right away to report the situation. If anyone ever becomes a victim of negligent banks, she asked them to likewise report to the BSP.

According to the former beauty queen, it is time to act and one shouldn’t keep silent about it. “I just reported the incident that happened to me to BSP. If you are also a victim of irresponsible BANKS like BDO in the Philippines, you may report it to the website below,” she wrote.

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Photo Source: @primeirelles IG

On her Instagram Stories yesterday, June 24, Priscilla Meirelles delightedly informed her followers that she was able to get her money.

John Estrada’s wife said she was successful in getting her money back, but not because of BDO. The honest owners of “BASIC SHIRT” were the ones to return her money. She expressed her joy at being able to receive her money back.

“Yeheyyyyy! My money is Back, not thanks to BDO. Thank you to the honest owners and staff of BASIC SHIRT online store,” she wrote.

The celebrity mom then recounted how BDO online app remitted the payment to the merchant three times. “The amount that BDO remitted 3x bcs of some glitch was not small.”

Photo Source: @primeirelles, KAMI

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