Drunk Man Takes Out Corpse from Coffin Claiming It’s Not Human

Drunk Man Jailed After Taking Out Corpse from Coffin in Nueva Vizcaya

Police authorities arrested a drunk man after he allegedly took out a corpse from its coffin in Nueva Vizcaya.

In Barangay Tuao North, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, an intoxicated man was detained after lifting and removing the corpse from the coffin and dropping it on the floor. Teofilo Sanorias, 58, a resident of Purok 2 in said barangay, was detained and is facing various accusations.

According to Bagabag Police Chief Major Jolly Villar, they received a report of a disturbance in a village in the wake. Authorities rushed quickly to the situation and apprehended a drunk man.

Drunk Man Corpse Coffin

According to the investigation, Shiela May Nale, 29, was guarding her father Gonzalo Espinoza’s body inside their home. When the drunk Sanorias entered and approached the coffin, some people erupted.

While observing the body, he said: “Hindi naman ito tao”. Based on the report, the suspect promptly opened the coffin, lifted the body, and dropped it on the ground, which astonished the deceased’s wife, Estrella Espinosa, 62.

Sanorias raised a stir on the hill by refusing to let go while yelling obscenities at the occupants inside the house. He even used derogatory language toward the deceased’s family.

Residents banded together to apprehend the enraged Sanorias and give him over to responding police. The suspect is facing charges of Unjust Vexation, Alarms and Scandal, and Malicious Mischief.

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