Rendon Labador on Buboy Villar New Car: “Galing sa panloloko ng audience?”

Rendon Labador Reacts to Buboy Villar Acquiring His New Car

Controversial social media personality Rendon Labador reacts to new host of Eat Bulaga Buboy Villar after acquiring his new car.

Recently, the actor-comedian and now TV personality took to social media to announce his new life accomplishment. Buboy flaunted his shiny new SUV, which he purchased from Toyota. His ambition, he said, had become a reality through prayer and perseverance.

Buboy also posted a vlog on his YouTube channel detailing his car-buying experience. Buboy stressed that the new car adequately accommodates him and his family and that it will be utilized on a regular basis, notably for work purposes.

Rendon Buboy Villar Car

In the video, he also revealed details about their “Eat Bulaga” preparations and practices. Meanwhile, netizens react to the new milestone in a variety of ways.  Some people expressed their appreciation.

Some speculated that the car was a gift from the Jalosjos family, who own TAPE, Inc., the producer of “Eat Bulaga.” Others speculated that it was Buboy’s talent fee from the show.

Rendon Labador, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker, was among many who reacted to his car purchase. In the comments section, he asked the actor-host how he could tolerate flaunting a new automobile while the contestants for their new show are doubtful.

 “Paano mo natitiis ang mag flex ng bagong sasakyan habang questionable ang pagpili ninyo sa contestant ng show ninyo? Doon ba galing yan, sa panloloko ng audience?” he said.

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