Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte on Narcotics Policemen: “Shoot them dead”

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Wants Narcotic Policemen to Be Shoot Dead

Ex-president Rodrigo Duterte wants policemen who are involved in illegal drugs to be shoot dead instead of putting them in jail.

In his weekly broadcast on SMNI, the former president wants all police officers implicated in the illegal drug trade to be killed rather than imprisoned. Duterte noted that the police contributed to the restoration of public order and safety in Davao City.

Duterte Policemen Shoot

However, their group contains a number of hoodlums and corrupt members. He stated that high-ranking personnel, such as colonels and generals, are involved in illegal substances and corruption.

“I love the police because they help me restore public order and safety in Davao City. Without the help of the police and the Army, the military, I could not have done it,” Duterte said.

“But you know there are many hoodlums who have entered the police force, even the colonels now and those who became generals. There are many corrupt there,” he added.

Duterte went on to say that there are police personnel who not only defend drug dealers, but also engage in drug trading themselves. “The volume is one too many. How many police personnel are involved? There are many; it will go up to the generals,” he said.

“At one time, maybe I will announce all the names of those whom I believe are corrupt and involved in illegal drugs,” he added, based on the article of Manila Times.

The “best way to deal” with these police personnel, according to Duterte, is to murder them. If Duterte were still president, he stated he would order the entire police force to surrender all issued and illegal firearms within 24 hours and hand over control to the military.

“Don’t bring them to court. Shoot them dead. Observe due process? Why would I keep you alive?” he said.

“The Army would be happy to take over, and I supposed that is what should happen,” he added.

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  1. Yes.. thank you Lord..bNgbalik na c Mayor Digong.. totoo may mga police pa jan nkalimutan yata nla that they are public servant some are HILAS n kaau since pag baba ng forner Pres. Duterte parang kabayo na nka buhi sa hawla. Mr. Pres Marcos kabagis anya met daytoyin ngay we need actions,,please poh…sayang yung na build na trust ng mga tao sa mga police


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