Lipa City Witnessed First Same-Gender Union in Town

Lipa City Witnessed First Same-Gender Union in Town

In a historic event, an LGBTQIA+ couple exchanged vows in a “same-gender union” ceremony, marking a significant milestone for the community in Lipa City, Batangas.

Geraldine Mendoza, a 38-year-old transwoman, and her heterosexual boyfriend, Joevert Berin, 26, were overwhelmed with joy as they tied the knot. This union represents the first same-gender union in the city.

According to Geraldine, she and Joevert initially connected through social media. Joevert admitted to stalking her profile and eventually sent her a private message, sparking their conversation and subsequent relationship.

Same-Gender Union

Berin recounted being instantly captivated by Geraldine’s charm when he first saw her on social media, describing it as a case of “love at first sight.”

Geraldine did not hide the fact that she is a transwoman, and to her surprise, Joevert’s treatment towards her remained unchanged. Joevert allegedly told her, “Okay lang kahit hindi ka tunay na babae basta makilala lang kita.”

When they finally met in person, Cupid seemed to strike Joevert’s heart, as he felt an immediate connection and described it as “love at first meeting.” He confessed that his previous relationships with women had left him feeling unimportant and unloved. Thus, he sought someone deserving of his affection.

Same-Gender Union Same-Gender Union

Similarly, Geraldine never expected that someone would offer her the opportunity to be united in a same-sex union, considering that same-sex marriage is not yet legal in the country. She expressed her gratitude, viewing it as a blessing, as it fulfilled her long-standing desire for a genuine relationship.

“But one thing is for sure, basta tanggap natin kung sino tayo at mahal natin ang Panginoon, those are enough para magkaroon tayo ng kalayaan para maging tayo.” she added.

Same-Gender Union

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