Customer Airs Disappointment Over Discovering Chicken Feet Inside Turon

Customer Airs Dismay After Learning That His Newly-Purchased Turon Was Filled w/ Chicken Feet Instead of Banana

A male customer has expressed his disappointment after discovering that the ‘turon’ he bought was filled with chicken feet instead of banana.

Social media has become a platform for individuals to share their thoughts, experiences, and even their culinary adventures.

Recently, netizen Julian Dave Nacaba took to the digital space to express his dismay over a surprising discovery he made while indulging in a turon—a popular Filipino snack typically made with banana and wrapped in a crispy spring roll wrapper.


In his post, Julian exclaimed, “Shout out sa turonan nyo dara baligya kamo tarong bossing kag madam kay ga bakal man kami tarong. Ano kay tiil ka manok eh palaman nyo hindi saging,”

(Shout out to the establishment selling turon! You claim it’s ‘good’ but we end up buying chicken feet instead of bananas. What’s going on? Your filling should be bananas, not chicken feet)

The unexpected discovery left Julian disappointed and bewildered.


Turon is a beloved Filipino snack enjoyed by many for its combination of sweet, caramelized bananas and crispy fried wrapper.

When it comes to Filipino cuisine, one cannot overlook this delectable and mouth-watering snack. This popular snack has become a staple in Filipino households and a favorite treat enjoyed by people of all ages.

Food businesses, particularly those specializing in traditional snacks like turon, should strive to provide customers with authentic and good-quality products. Attention to detail, proper sourcing of ingredients, and maintaining consistency are crucial elements in preserving the trust and satisfaction of customers.


It is worth noting that incidents like these are rare, and the vast majority of turon vendors and food establishments take pride in delivering delightful and delicious treats to their patrons.

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