Young Lady Shares Her Struggles as Working Student “Hindi Madaling Maging Ako”

“Hindi Madaling Maging Ako” Lady Student Shares Inspiring Journey

A young lady has shared her personal story and struggles as a working student: “Hindi Madaling Maging Ako”.

A Facebook user named Jhovince Co recently shared her personal story. Her story sheds light on the challenges and misconceptions working students face, emphasizing the importance of understanding and support.

Co began by reminiscing about her academic achievements, consistently earning honors because she had no worries in life. However, as a working student, balancing studies and work was far from easy.

Young Lady

Jhovince expressed that she did not choose to work and leave behind the comfort of being a full-time student. It was out of necessity. Unfortunately, others who have not experienced this journey often fail to understand. They make assumptions and pass judgment, ignorant of the struggles faced by working students.

The young lady has heard comments such as, “Waitress lang ‘yan” (They’re just a waitress) regarding their job. But at the workplace, she entered Retro Wings, she discovered her true identity and talents.

The female netizen took on tasks such as designing signage, editing videos and menus, and serving as an editor, showcasing skills and experiences that were previously unexplored. Co emphasized that she has changed and is not just about being a service crew member.

Young Lady

Co expressed pride in herself and her accomplishments. Although circumstances led her to work while studying, she maintained a solid academic background.

The latter reiterated that if someone is supporting their education and livelihood, why wouldn’t they strive to excel academically? Co hoped that people would open their minds and be more understanding toward working students like themselves.

Young Lady

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Young Lady

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