Joey de Leon Turns Emotional After Sharing Something About Their Sponsor

Emotional Joey de Leon Shares Their Major Sponsor Checked on Them After Leaving

JOEY DE LEON – One of the original host of longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga turns emotional while sharing what their major sponsor did after their departure.

The audience witnessed the comedian’s passionate character during a interview with News5. Joey stated that on the second day of their departure from Eat Bulaga and TAPE Inc., he grew emotional after being checked by one of their key sponsors, the grocery chain Puregold.

Joey De Leon Sponsors

According to De Leon, he was embarrassed in front of the company’s owner, Susan Co, because he allegedly advanced a lot of money for the sponsorship of Eat Bulaga, but they are no longer on the show. However, the owner is said to have told them that they don’t care about the money they invested into Eat Bulaga.

“Kayo okay ba kayo? ako naman bumaliktad (ng tanong) kasi nabalitaan ko parang nag-advance na sila ng malaking… hindi ako marunong sa sales e three years na ata ang in-advance sa show namin. Biglang kinat ako, sabi niya nagalit e,” said Joey.

“Sabi niya ‘no!’ hindi importante sa’min ‘yun. Bahala kami sa ginagawa namin, ang gusto namin malaman kung okay kayo. Umiyak ako nu’n,” he added during the interview.

Puregold is slated to be one of the key sponsors of the Dabarkads’ new program. It may be noted that Joey, along with some other resigned Eat Bulaga hosts, decided to relocate to TV5.

“What do you do in a canteen? Of Course, EAT! And that became my appetizer to help me through until I came up with a delicious title – Eat Bulaga,” says Joey De Leon in a previous article. This is how he came up with the show’s title and this story is telling that the idea is originally his.

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