Controversial Job Post From Free Lancing Platform Elicits Reactions Online

Controversial Job Post Sparks Outrage and Concern from Netizens

A controversial job post from a free lancing platform goes viral and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

A screenshot of a job post shared by uploader Deana Zoleta has garnered a range of reactions from netizens, highlighting a concerning request on a freelancing platform. The post, which has since been deleted, raised eyebrows with its explicit content and potentially exploitative nature.

The job post began innocuously enough, with the uploader initially finding it amusing and entertaining. However, as Deana delved further into the details, alarm bells began to ring.

Controversial Job Post

The client explicitly stated that he is a young Asian Australian individual visiting the Philippines, expressing his interest in meeting and dating girls with the potential for marriage.

What made the situation even more disturbing was the client’s mention of seeking someone in their ‘teens.’ This revelation immediately raised concerns about the intentions and ethics behind the job post.

Recognizing the inappropriateness of the request, Deana took action and flagged the post to the freelancing platform, leading to its subsequent deletion.

Deana, while initially sharing the screenshot with fellow freelancers to bring humor to an otherwise uncomfortable situation, understood the importance of raising awareness and taking action against such instances.

“At first I was like ‘Uy Pinas represent, sino kaya maswerteng makaka afam.’ but when I read through the post, nakakataas na sya ng kilay na the client was looking for someone in her ‘teens’. I ended up flagging the job post as it’s inappropriate but shared the screenshot sa aking fellow freelancers to also make them laugh,” Zoleta said.

By highlighting the issue, Deana aimed to encourage others to remain vigilant and report any inappropriate content they encounter on the platform.

Many netizens expressed their outrage and concern, condemning the client’s request as both morally and ethically wrong. They stressed the need for platforms to have stricter guidelines and screening processes to prevent such posts from circulating online.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Controversial Job Post

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