TL Gives Inconsiderate Response to Call Center Agent Who Asks Permission to Leave During Flood

Call Center Agent Who Asks Permission to Leave During Flood Gets Inconsiderate Response From TL

A team leader gives inconsiderate response to a call center agent who asked permission to leave during the flood.

Working in a call center can be a challenging and demanding job, with team leaders playing a crucial role in managing and guiding their teams. However, it is disheartening when team leaders display inconsiderate behavior, undermining the morale and well-being of their employees.

Open and effective communication is essential for creating a supportive work environment. Team leaders should actively listen to their employees, address their concerns, and provide timely and constructive feedback.

Inconsiderate Response

Furthermore, when team leaders prioritize metrics over the well-being of their team members, it can lead to burnout and high turnover rates.

Recently, a Facebook user named Ben Yap shared screenshots of a conversation between a call center agent and a team leader, who responded inconsiderately to his plea. The post quickly went viral, garnering reactions from netizens.

The agent reached out to his team leader, seeking permission to leave work due to the massive flooding in his area. He expected sympathy and consideration from his team leader given the circumstances.

Inconsiderate Response

The team leader initially expressed concern and inquired about the water level. The employee sent a picture and informed his team leader that they were waiting for rescue personnel.

Unfortunately, the agent received an inconsiderate response from his team leader, who urged him to report to the office as they anticipated a high volume of calls. The team leader explained that many employees were absent due to the typhoon.

Inconsiderate Response

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