Former Seaman Shares Tip on Door Locks to Prevent Being Robbed

Former Seaman Shares Door Lock Tip

DOOR LOCK TIPS – A former seaman has shared a tip on door locks to prevent thieves from breaking into our homes.

A Facebook user named Evelyn Monterde has shared a door lock tip from her husband who is a former seafarer. The post quickly circulates online garnered various reactions from the online community.

In an effort to improve home security and provide peace of mind, Monterde’s husband, resourceful former seaman turned carpenter has come up with an ingenious solution for his main door.

Former Seaman

Sharing the innovative idea with the online community, Evelyn hopes to inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to protecting their homes.

In the spirit of finding a solution to his unease during the night, the former seaman employed his carpentry skills to modify his home’s main door. Drawing inspiration from his experiences at sea and the need to prevent unauthorized access to his personal space, he decided to apply a similar concept to his cabin’s door on board a ship.

Utilizing welding techniques and drilling holes into the concrete, the former seaman was able to create a customized locking mechanism that fits snugly inside the door frame.

Former Seaman

By skillfully securing the lock and cleverly placing the key within reach, he has designed a system that significantly delays potential intruders from gaining immediate access to his home. This innovative approach demonstrates how personal ingenuity can be harnessed to enhance the security of one’s living space.

Here is the full post:

Good pm mga khb at admin , flex ko yong naisip gawin ng Mr kong dating seafarer na carpenter na ngayon sa aming main door kc medyo di ako mapalagay sa Gabi, kaya ito naisip niya yong ginawa niya sa cabin niya para di daw agad mapasok ng pirate ang room niya , ayun nga po ngwelding nito o at binutasan ang semento para magkasya sa loob at inipit ang lock at kahit may Susi siya di niya agad mabuksan. Bahala na po kayo humusga hehehe . Salamat admin , God bless everyone

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