Moira dela Torre-Jason Hernandez Issue: Lolito Go Shares Shocking Revelations

A Facebook post talked about the controversy between Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez

Lyricist/composer Lolito Go made shocking revelations about singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre and her breakup with her estranged husband Jason Hernandez.

Moira and Jason’s separation has created a loud buzz in the entertainment industry and even now, issues surrounding their breakup kept on coming back. Just recently, Jason received bashing for posting photos with a “mystery woman” and for releasing a music video featuring clips during his and Moira’s wedding.

On May 28, Lolito broke his silence on the breakup and issues between the former couple. He is the composer behind the song Titibo-Tibo which paved the way for Moira’s career in music when she interpreted the song in the grand finals of Himig Handog 2017.

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Through that project, Lolito Go was able to meet Moira dela Torre and they became friends. The lyricist/composer was also able to meet Jason Hernandez and people close to Moira after that.

Lolito said that he is breaking his silence because he can’t swallow the bashing that is being addressed to Jason. “I have been itching to write about this a few months ago pa. Hindi ko na kasi ma-take ang pambabash ng publiko kay Jason. But Jason stopped me because he still wanted to protect Moira,” he said.

However, Lolito said that Moira’s Eme song’s “wala naman akong kasalanan” is not true. The lyricist/composer also revealed that many times, he caught Moira lying to him, he was thinking that maybe it is an effect of the stress in the industry and the medication that she is taking.

Moira is more of an oppressor than a victim. Jason took all the blame, took all the bashing, in the name of love. That’s how he was raised. To roll with the punches. To give the other cheek,” Lolito continued.

He also shared that even before the “cheating” happened, Moira already wanted to break up with Jason. Allegedly, the Paubaya singer was already seeing someone who “will “dance in the rain” with her and call her “binibini”.

Although Lolito said that Jason committed a mistake, it was just because of the duty that Moira could not fulfill to her husband. “Yes, nagkasala sya. Pero walang third party on Jason’s side. He never fell in love with anyone else. His only sin was he listened to the call of flesh and availed of illicit massage service because Moira couldn’t fulfill his s=xual needs,” the lyricist-composer revealed.

As of this writing, Moira dela Torre has not reacted yet to accusations against her.

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