Nadine Lustre Has Not Bought Leather for 8 Months After Turning Vegan

Nadine Lustre Shares She Has Not Bought Leather Products Since Turning Into Vegan

Actress Nadine Lustre shared that she has not bought leather products for 8 months since she switch to “vegan”.

Nadine revealed in a recent Dra Aivee Teo vlog that she hasn’t been allowed to buy bags and shoes for a long time due to her vegan status. She told the doctor-vlogger that she no longer buys leather products.

Nadine said she has been Vegan for eight months. Based on the YouTube vlog interview, she shared that she no longer buys leather and she no longer eats meat and dairy products.

Nadine Lustre Vegan Leather

Nadine also told her partner about her plans to spend a month in Europe. Dra noted Nadine’s French accent as they were talking. Nadine added that because her boyfriend is French, she has also acquired the language.

Nadine Lustre is a recording artist, product endorser, and actor. She has also dabbled in the world of vlogging. Nadine’s first celebrity guest on her YouTube channel is Maricel Soriano. Nadine was recently a guest on Maricel’s vlog, as you may recall.

Nadine and Maricel built a floral arrangement while conversing in Nadine’s new vlog episode. Many people were ecstatic to see the two award-winning actresses dabble in vlogging.

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