Jake Zyrus Takes a Break from Social Media: “Lot of people tried to break me”

Jake Zyrus Tries to Heal Himself and Takes a Break from the Social Media

Filipino singer Jake Zyrus announced that he will take a break from social media as he tries to heal himself from the happenings in his life.

Jake Zyrus revealed on Instagram that he is taking a sabbatical from social media.  In an Instagram post, the singer stated that he will be avoiding social media for a few weeks in order to focus more on his mental health.

Jake Zyrus Break

“It’s been a rough ride. A lot of people have tried to break me, so this is me fighting back, by healing,” he said. “I know it’s not gonna be easy, but I also know it will help me a lot.”

“If you’re looking for a sign to also take a break because it’s been a lot for you, this is it. Let’s do this together,” he added in his post.

Zyrus revealed his past as Charice, as well as the anguish he had to undergo, in June 2021. The musician, who came out as transgender in 2017, said he is still grateful to Charice for all of her experiences.

Prior to becoming Jake, the transman singer was known as Charice, a biritera singer. Her voice wowed many music enthusiasts, and she got praise from major singers such as David Foster.

However, the singer is now known as Jake, and it bothers him when people continue to beg him to resurrect or return to his former self/voice. According to the previous post, Jake Zyrus stated during a recent online gaming session that Charice Pempengco could no longer be revived.

He further stated that Charice fans can listen to her music at their leisure. Then he addressed individuals who make comparisons between Charice and other vocalists. Although Jake did not name anyone, many entertainment fans are aware that during David Foster’s March concert at The Theatre ng Solaire Resort & Casino, netizens expressed their belief that Morisette Amon could never match Charice Pempengco’s singing skills.

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