Bong Revilla Has This Answer When Asked If He’s ‘Ander de saya?’

Bong Revilla recalled his past movie with Lani Mercado

Actor-politician Bong Revilla has this answer when asked if he is “ander de saya” in a recent interview with his wife actress-politician Lani Mercado.

Bong and Lani did the movie Walang Matigas Na Pulis Sa Matinik Na Misis in 1994. In the movie, Lani’s role is a jealous wife while Bong’s character is someone who is scared or submissive to his wife.

In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, the couple was asked if these characters are true in their real lives.

bong revilla lani mercado
📷: PEP

“Ahhh, this is my life story,” the Senator said and his wife shook her head while her eyes closed. “May hugot pala ‘tong show na ‘to?!” she said. Bong Revilla jokingly said that this is really what he wants to say. Lani Mercado quipped, “Sumakit bigla yung ulo ko!”

Then, the actor-politician said that his wife is not like that and he was gently caressing his wife while saying this. Lani said that she is “masunurin” and that she is a law-abiding citizen.

The Senator nod and said, “Pero kabaligtaran pala yung ano, no?” Then, Lani said that there is comedy in their home and it is courtesy of her husband. When asked if the characters Gloria and Tolome in the movie have a touch of reality, Bong said that the way they handle love.

Lani added that there were scenes that were based on what happened in reality. “Maraming eksena na ano, based on true to life,” Bong Revilla said, adding that many people can relate to the sitcom version of their 1994 movie. In the sitcom, Bong’s leading lady is Beauty Gonzalez who was handpicked by Lani.

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