Fast Craft Collided with Cargo Vessel in Mactan; Passengers Injured

Passengers Injured After Fast Craft Collided with Cargo Vessel in Mactan

Several passengers were injured after a fast craft allegedly collided with a cargo vessel off the waters of the Mactan Channel in Cebu.

After their ferry collided with a Roll on, Roll off (RoRo) vessel on Sunday afternoon, May 21, many people on board a fast craft sustained minor injuries. According to the report, the two sea vehicles were figured after the collision.

The event is said to have happened at 3 p.m. on Sunday while sailing through the Mactan Channel. According to preliminary reports from the Philippine Coast Guard in Ormoc (PCG-Ormoc), the fast craft was owned and operated by SuperCat Ferry Corporation and carried 185 passengers.

Fast Craft Collided Vessel

According to the report of Cebu Daily News, the fast craft left Ormoc City in Leyte at about 12 p.m. and was slated to arrive at Pier 1, Cebu City around 2 p.m. However, while going near the first Mandaue-Mactan bridge, one side of the speed craft collided with a nearby cargo vessel.

Anita Caydon, one of the passengers, stated that the collision occurred on one side of the fast craft. However, passengers in the middle of the speedy craft, such as herself, felt much of the impact, she continued.

Caydon stated that she and a buddy were playing Scrabble when they were thrown from their seats. After attempting to defend herself from the hit, she felt a dull discomfort around her wrist.

The fast craft was dragged by rescue boats and tugboats to Pier 1, Cebu City, where first-aid workers assisted distressed passengers. According to the PCG in Cebu, all passengers were safe, but the boat incurred damage in the front.

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