A Portion of PBB House Demolished: “End of an Era” – Lauren Dyogi

Lauren Dyogi Shares a Portion of PBB House Got Demolished

ABS-CBN and Pinoy Big Brother director Direk Lauren Dyogi shared that a portion of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house has been demolished.

Direk Lauren revealed on Instagram that the portion of the PBB House that served as an office, control room, pantry, and dressing room for the hosts, employees, and crew has been demolished. According to Dyogi’s Instagram post, this action was only necessary because Kuya’s House’s lease on the land had expired.

PBB House Demolished

Director Lauren misses that era of PBB House when the “Pinoy Dream Academy” was created and Yeng Constantino and Bugoy Drilon met. He revealed that after two seasons of PDA, it became our House B, which housed our offices.

“This afternoon, May 13, 2023, I was able to visit the Pinoy Big Brother House because @raymdizon informed me that we will start the demolition of one half of the PBB House which we built at the start of Pinoy Dream Academy about 17 years ago, in 2006.”

“After 2 seasons of PDA, it became our House B which had our offices, brainstorm space, pantry, hosts’ dressing rooms, mini studio with control room and living quarters especially during the last two “lock-in seasons”. This part of the house has lots of good memories and even scary experiences.”

“We needed to give up this part of the PBB house as our lease has expired this year and it is impractical to renew it. We still have the main PBB house and control room which hopefully we still get to use for the next PBB edition. This original house was built in 2004 and is 18 years old. It has become iconic and a landmark in the area.”

“Thank you everyone from our staff, crew, hosts, and ex-housemates and all supporters who are all part of this rich history of PBB and of Pinoy pop culture. Special thanks to Ms. Linggit Tan for starting it all:) Thank you so much grandma LT:).”

“It’s an end of an era but hopefully we move on and find a better home in the future!” he concluded in his post.

Melai Cantiveros, Enchong Dee, Bianca Gonzales, Loisa Andalio, Benedix Ramos, and other ex-housemates who have also entered the showbiz business grew emotional. Bianca and Robi, the hosts, instantly returned to “Bahay ni Kuya” to relive some memories in their second home in showbiz.

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