Sarah Geronimo Emotional Tribute to Parents Touches Netizens’ Heart

Emotional Tribute of Sarah Geronimo to Her Parents Goes Viral, Makes Netizens Cry

The “Popstar Royalty” Sarah Geronimo goes viral on social media after sharing an emotional tribute to her parents.

Many netizens became emotional with Sarah G as she cried while singing to her parents at the Araneta Coliseum’s sold-out anniversary event on Friday, May 12. The Pop icon singing the OPM classic “Habang May Buhay” for her father, Delfin, and mother, Divine, becomes viral on the internet.

After the controversial wedding of singer and actor-host Mateo Guidicelli in February 2020, it will be remembered as the year the singer fought with her parents. Sarah’s mother was also said to have hurried to the church, however, both parties did not confirm this.

Sarah Geronimo Parents Tribute

Sarah’s public apologies to her parents after more than two years of conflict in her return to entertainment in October 2022 also went viral. Sarah broke her silence about it two years later via Instagram posts. He began by hoping that everyone was safe despite the effects of Typhoon Paeng.

However, it appears that the singer did not reach an agreement with the parents because they did not attend the daughter’s major celebration in the profession. Many netizens have expressed their sadness and sympathies for the singer’s plight. The viral video has received over a million views and thousand likes.

@alfritz10 TRIBUTE PARA SA PARENTS NI SARAH!!!! naiyak ako dito promise #sarahgeronimo #20thconcert #foreverwithsarahG #soloconcert #sarahG ♬ original sound – Alfritz

“Yung nangarap ka para sa pamilya mo, pero nung time na para sa sarili mo naman wala kang support, ang hirap nun,” a netizen said.

“I cried! 🥺 As much as I don’t want to say this but it is so unfair and selfish to not let your daughter have her own life.”

“This only proves how much she loves and respect her parents. Kahit parang tinatakwil siya. 🥺 Sarah may not be perfect but she deserves to be loved.”

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