Janine Berdin Tattoos: The Meaning Behind Singer’s Ink

Janine Berdin Shares Stories Behind Her Tattoos

JANINE BERDIN TATTOOS – Kapamilya singer Janine Berdin shared the stories behind her tattoos.

Since ancient times, tattooing as a form of self-expression has been a ritualized practice among many different cultures. Some individuals use tattoos as a way of bringing their imaginations to life. These people see their tattoos as a physical manifestation of their deepest desires.

Surrealist tattoos, for instance, fill the skin with vision. It’s similar to carrying a work of art on your body that only you can see and appreciate. It sort of gives the person a stronger sense of connection to their imagination.

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Celebrities and influencers are known for showcasing their creativity in everything from music to fashion to acting to tattoos. Our favorite stars are constantly getting tattoos, and they utilize social media platforms to display their new ink.

On “Magandang Buhay” on Wednesday, Janine Berdin explained the meanings behind each of her tattoos. She has multiple tattoos, including ones on her left fist and right middle finger.

“Ito po (flame/fire) is to remind me to keep the passion burning when I’m holding the mic, parang ganoon. Ito naman po (middle finger) pa-cute lang. Pero this also like represents my personality na sparkly na ganun, kaya ko po siya kinuha,” she shared.

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Janine Berdin also has a tattoo of a kunai knife on her right inner arm. She said, “I have a big one here, my first big one. It’s a kunai from the anime ‘Naruto.’ This is for me and my sister.”

On her left leg, she has a large dream catcher tattoo. “Kasi ambitious po ako na tao marami po akong dreams and to keep the bad dreams away na rin po,” she said.

Additionally, she has a BoJack Horse and the Thai phrase “I got a tattoo in Thailand.”

Watch the video below:

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