Drunk Man Harms Himself After Being Arrested: “Bakit niyo ko binubugbog”

Drunk Man Injures Himself After Being Arrested by Cops

“Bakit niyo ko binubugbog?” – A drunk man was caught on camera injuring himself after being detained by police authorities.

The detention and arrest of individuals by law enforcement can be a distressing and emotionally charged experience. In some cases, the stress and pressure of being detained can lead to extreme behavior, including self-harm

In recent years, discussions surrounding mental health and the complexities of self-harm have gained significant attention. Self-injury, is a behavior in which individuals deliberately inflict harm on themselves as a way to cope with emotional pain or distress.

Drunk Man

While self-harm can take many forms, including cutting, burning, hitting, or scratching oneself, it is a deeply concerning behavior that often indicates an underlying mental health issue.

Recently, the Facebook page “Parak Story” shared video footage of a drunk man who injured himself after being arrested by police. The video rapidly went viral on the internet, eliciting a wide range of opinions from viewers.

Drunk Man

In the video, the latter continued to mumble before hitting his head on the table. He continuously attempted to injure himself while yelling, “Bakit niyo ko binugbugbog?”. To avoid injuries, the cops stopped him.

The video has a caption:

“Hirap talaga pag ang alak nilalagay sa utak tas loaded pa ata.”

The uploader also commented “Buti nalang naka video at baka sabihin pa binugbog kung walang video. at buti nalang mababait ang ating kapulisan.

Self-harm among individuals who are detained or arrested is a complex issue that requires attention and intervention

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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