Jack Logan on Rendon Labador’s Resto: “Highly Recommended!”

Jack Logan Highly Recommends Rendon Labador New Resto

Social media personality Jack Logan highly recommends the newly opened resto of motivational speaker Rendon Labador.

Jack Logan expresses his rate with Rendon Labador’s controversial restaurant on Facebook. Jack discusses his dining experience at Rendon’s Episode Bar + Kitchen sports bar.

“Experience Episode Bar + Kitchen! Good food! Great people! Amazing place! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Howrayt! ” he wrote in his post along with some photos of him inside resto.

Jack Logan Rendon Resto

It can be recalled that his restaurant received negative and poor reviews from the customers. His recently established eatery received poor reviews and received 1.1 ratings.

As previously stated on Facebook, the self-proclaimed motivational speaker said that his Episode Bar + Kitchen restaurant will reopen after being closed for several reasons. It should be emphasized that the sports bar he owned had to close due to a lack of sales.

Following the failure of his restaurant’s grand opening, the social media personality vented his rage on his social media account. Rendon claimed that no tickets for the grand opening event, which included a range of performances, had been sold.

He also admitted that he was forced to close his company after losing 1.2 million pesos. He even chastised actor-director Coco Martin’s fans. He also called Coco supporters “palamunin” for not being able to afford P2,000 tickets to his grand opening.

Arriving customers were serenaded by a piano and saxophone, followed by an after-party hosted by DJ Justin San. Furthermore, the motivational speaker posted a comment on his reopening.  He also indicated that he is considering reopening his restaurant to Coco Martin fans.

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