Factory Worker Killed a Farmer Over Jealousy in Quezon  

Farmer Killed After Stabbed by a Factory Worker Due to Jealousy in Quezon

A farmer died after being stabbed by a factory worker due to jealousy after alleging that his wife was having an affair in Candelaria, Quezon.

A 30-year-old factory worker was detained for reportedly killing a farmer in this town’s Purok 3, Barangay Malabanan Sur. According to the report, the crime was committed out of jealousy after the suspect suspected the victim of having an affair with his wife.

Allan Matutina was recognized as the victim, while Christian Cabalquinto Selga was identified as the suspect.  According to the inquiry, the victim was riding his motorcycle home at 10:30 p.m. when the suspect obstructed his way.

Factory Worker Farmer Quezon

According to the report of Manila Bulletin, Selga stabbed him twice in the chest with a kitchen knife. The culprit instantly fled after that incident. He was, however, cornered by responding police officers.

Matutina was rushed to the hospital but subsequently died. A witness positively identified the man as the murderer of Matutina. The knife used in the murder was retrieved by authorities.

According to the police, the inquiry also revealed that Selga’s wife and Matutina apparently had a relationship. The suspect, who is currently being held at the Candelaria police station, will be charged with murder, according to the police.

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